Illustration by Chantal Bennett

Claude’s Chip Wagon is located 1090 Ogilvie Road in Ottawa, ON.

Claude’s owner contacted us when he heard about our project and gave us a bit of history about his chip stand. Here’s what he had to say:
“I started my first Chip Wagon on this location in 1992. We just celebrated our 27th year on June 24. My first truck was a 1978 Grumman stepvan and the 2 other are trailers that my uncle also built. During his 50 years in business, he was known in Ottawa as Le roi des patates (Patato King).There is a vidéo with our chip wagon in it that was produced by  Transcanadafryway. Prime Minister Trudeau visited us with his guest the Prime Minister of Belgium. We received a score of 5/5”

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  1. Joan
    July 31, 2019

    Claude’s chip truck is the best in Ottawa, followed closely by Claude’s second truck on Hawthorn. Actually – they are neck & neck!

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