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Illustration by Joel Kimmel.

The Chipmunk Chippery is located in Perth, ON on Foster Street. It’s tucked between two buildings and has obviously been there a long time. We love how entrenched this old school bus is in its location.

Summer 2019 update: The retrofitted school bus has been replaced by a boring red trailer. This is a perfect example of why we are doing this project; to commemorate the old school chip stand that is slowly disappearing. :/

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  1. Paul
    August 30, 2018

    We have been stopping in here for over 20 years, usually on our way to the cottage.

    It has quite an extensive menu for a chip stand, but to be honest I’ve stuck mainly with the fries, and the odd poutine.

    The fries are some of the best around, crunchy and soft at the same time, with ample portions for a good price. Condiments are do-it-yourself and the fries aren’t overly salty unless you decide to add more.

    Great place to stop in on your way through Perth, or even as a reason to head out for a weekend drive and spend the day shopping.

    It’s also a just a short drive from Murphy’s Point Provincial Park and Campground and a family box of fries makes a great camp treat!