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Illustration by Joel Kimmel.

Located at 96 Perth St., Elgin, Ontario. Watch for the signs on Highway 15.

Looking for “Xtreme Poutine”? Look no further than Angie’s Snack Shack. We can’t vouch for it yet as we haven’t tried it, but we did eat their funnel cake, topped with ice cream. They have plenty of types of poutine to try, as well as burgers, wraps, fish and chips and dessert items. Their chip stand itself is anything but extreme. Plain white, no kitsch, no fun. Come on, Angie’s!

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  1. Angie Carson
    April 26, 2017

    Love this pic of my chipwagon!
    And great review
    Yeah I know my chipwagon looks plain…lol fear of commitment to design I guess.
    Need some great imput on that!


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